Beautiful IPad Wallpapers For Gamers

I found this collection of iPad wallpapers for video gamers on Hongkiat site. Those video gamers who owned iPad will surely looking forward for these beautiful, awesome wallpapers. Enjoy! Click the displayed images below to view and download the high resolution images.





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12 Responses

  1. Pisyek says:

    no dota 2 wallpaper? no win. LOL :mrgreen:

  2. syieda says:

    syieda bukan pengguna ipad..hukhuk.. @__@ tengok je la..

  3. Mashi says:

    tak mampu beli ipad
    orang2 kaya je leh beli :p :mrgreen:

  4. Mcrapu says:

    Aiya … no crysis 2 wallpaper. Even though without Ipad, it will still look good for your laptop 😀

  5. hello xD okay Brazil and I really enjoyed your blog and show very hug

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