Google Chrome Has Passed Internet Explorer To Be The World’s Most Popular Web Browser

According to a new statistic taken from StatCounter, via TheNextWeb, Google Chrome’s share in the market is now rose to 32.8% in the week ending May 20. On the other hand, Internet Explorer’s share dropped to 31.9%. It is the first full week in which Google Chrome has beaten Internet Explorer.

Previously, in March, Google Chrome had overtaken Internet Explorer just for a single day.

While Mozilla Firefox is the third most popular browser in the world with just more than 25% share of the market.

Source: Business Insider

Update: Joey deVilla’s latest post shows that data from W3Counter and Clicky throw up different results to Statcounter.

However, Statcounter is widely used as a standard for measuring browser usage and it may not be 100 percent accurate but its findings reflect the overall trend that Chrome is on its way to the top, if it isn’t already.




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    nice info!! tapi saya masih pengguna mozilla firefox :-)…

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