Google Opens Malaysia Office

Google SEA managing director Julian Persaud, Dato Mukhriz and Sajith (from left-right) at the opening of the new Google Malaysia office.

Google is growing, and it’s growing fast. Not only is the search giant on a hiring spree this 2011, it is also aggressively expanding their presence in Southeast Asia, this time by opening a new office in Malaysia.


Julian Persaud, Managing Director of Google Southeast Asia,
speaks at a press conference along with Malaysia’s
deputy trade and industry minister Mukhriz Mahathir (R)
in Kuala Lumpur on January 26, 2011.
The web titan has said it will open a Malaysian office,
its second in Southeast Asia, following significant growth
in Internet usage in the country.
As part of Google’s strategy to expand to the Southeast Asian markets, the company announced that it is opening a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where it controls 70% of the search market and has been seeing a tremendous growth over the years. It is their first office located in Asia in four years, after its Singapore and South Korea debut back in 2007.
More than a year after Google’s dispute with China, the company says it remains committed to the country as it sets its sights on Southeast Asia for further growth. It is reassuring that the search company plans to hold on to one of the biggest Internet markets in the world, where they claim to be doing well actually.
Google spokesman said that the company plans to hire more than 500 people in Asia this year, around a fifth of them in Southeast Asia. Google Malaysia is also currently hiring for its KL office and job openings can be viewed on their website, in the near future. Welcome to Malaysia Google!

p/s: wanna have a try for this one 😀




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